Damir Matijevic Photography
Damir Matijevic Photography - Secret City
Zagreb Secret City

This is my third night series.
It is a journey into the world of shadows and its various forms where we need to face the forces of night.
The night, deep and strong, can be a place of concealment, seductive but also threatening. Mysterious.
Moments in the night when physically and mentally our senses go a step further than our eyes see, when everything smells like adventure, you don’t know what can happen, you explore…
Nights when your walks have the atmosphere of a Noir ambience, nights charged with some negatively charged meaning, spaces filled with something threatening, some foreboding, a place of discomfort and unrest…
A time when darkness becomes thicker, deeper and when you look at things with some other meaning.
This series transcends ordinary reality and intends to stimulate the viewer’s imagination.