Damir Matijevic Photography
Damir Matijevic Photography - Nightlife

The City like one big stage. Like a living whip, it pulsates.
Filled with secrets and charms.
A maze, filled with people, imbued with tremendous energy.
I want to peek into every corner of it, to capture that energy, i.e. the mood of the city at night.
The city is always in its own rhythm, there is a story in every corner, countless faces lost in their own worlds. I dive into the crowd.
I look at these worlds of theirs spontaneously, each individual has some personality of their own.
I observe people's faces, I look for their looks, I enter into the noise of those human voices, I come into contact with them, I feel their reality…
The curious look back.
Mystical ambiences in nightclubs, rattling glasses, all filled with smoke, seductive glances, hidden desires, intriguing conversations, intoxication with the moment…
All around me playfulness, joy, sadness, love, rattling glasses, the smell of cigarettes, the aroma of spilled bourbon, the smell of baked popcorn, a lonely woman in a corner, clothing styles… .fragments that testify to the life of a city and a time.
I am fascinated by so many different people, their behavior, thoughts and feelings, a series of such powerful yet fleeting moments.
I try to capture all this "emotion of the moment" with my camera, becoming a participant in that moment, because the camera captures the atmosphere of two worlds: the world inside you (the photographer) and the world outside you.
This series of photos is actually a story about the search for small microworlds that pass in flashes…