Damir Matijevic Photography
Damir Matijevic Photography - Nocturnal City
Nocturnal City Zagreb

Night, the city and me, alone. In some secret permeation.
While most of the city’s residents are asleep, I turn into a nocturnal Flaneur.
The night in the city becomes seductive, it overwhelms me completely, it creeps under my skin, it seems to me that the city has a secret aura of its own ...
The night suggests, it stimulates the imagination and I always feel some nostalgia for the unknown, for the hidden…
My night wanderings around the city are always challenging, it opens up a range of possibilities as you explore and always discover something new.
I'm trying to show in photographs that invisible part of town, charm, the soul of the city, the time that will not be the same tomorrow.
Everything passes quickly, it changes, like people and cities have their duration…
This night series is my need to save the city from oblivion, to get it out of the night that already erases all traces in the morning.
Just like the fog that descends over the city and tries to make it invisible there I am with my camera immortalizing the images of the city for some other times and generations to come after us…
This is my first night series.
Here I explore city squares, parks, streets, stations, markets.
In other words my goal is to show the identity of Zagreb, the capital of the Republic Croatia, all its beauty and raise awareness of the value and importance of preserving its cultural heritage.