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Damir Matijevic Photography - About me
I was born in Offenbach a.m.(Germany).I am Croatian, and I have been living in Zagreb, Croatia.
My educational background is in mechanical engineering, I graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture,Zagreb,Croatia.
I started doing photography in high school when I was hanging out with my photographer friends, revealing all the secrets and magic of making photographs, both with camera and in the darkroom. Magic is a small word for experiences that grew into a passion for the photography. Very soon I realized that photography is not just a picture, but much more the important thing is not what you see on the photo, but what the photo hints at you, what comes out of the photo to you, something that touches you or imbues you….that the photo is only a fragment of reality, which can initiate nostalgia , longing, joy, anxiety, peace ... . something sooths or excite us.

  • 2013 - Member of The Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU)
  • Prints

    Photographs in limited edition are stamped on verso, signed and numbered. All photographs are made by the highest archival standards and printed in very small editions. Prints are available in three different sizes; Small, Medium and Large

    Damir Matijevic
    10 000 Zagreb
    Mail to: damirm525@gmail.com .