Damir Matijevic Photography
Damir Matijevic Photography -  Stolen Moments
My photo series "Stolen Moments" - is the view of the city of Zagreb, and it is a representation of the people who live there. This is the city where I grew up and where I live to this day.
I love walking around the city aimlessly, randomly choose streets, parks and squares.
I like listen to the beats of the city, feel free, watch passers go by, couples in love. Small micro-worlds that we are connected with some invisible bonds.
The city is always a great inspiration, constantly changing visually, spiritually and emotionally.
I want to capture those changes unobtrusively, as an observer on the side.
The city is like a river, constantly in a movement, people are running, walking, playing, interacting with others and interacting with themselves as they do.
It is vibration of the city I try to capture with my camera.
I try to catch the great dynamics and energy of the city, to leave it to new generations of people who are yet to come, because the time runs fast and time changes everything. Bringing something new and taking something away, just like tide.
The older I am, the more awake I am. I see things differently and I want to take more and more photographs, it has become my great passion.
In the end, I can say:
The world is inexplicable, love is incomprehensible,
people are a great enigma, everything is unreadable and that's why I try to capture all this with my camera.
Others should try to explain and understand it in their own way