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Damir Matijevic Photography - Morning Exercise
Morning Exercise - Summer Vibes with Ema

The eighth month. It was hot early in the morning, the sea was very calm, only seagulls were heard far in the distance.
I was waiting the boat for the island at 6 in the morning. And I was very excited about the photo session that was supposed to start in 40 minutes.
The girl named EMA, handsome, very tall and slim, decided to walk with me around the island and posing.
She is always cheerful and smiling, romantic and playful. Very interesting girl, student of architecture.
However, the ship arrived and Emma did not appear! I was angry and disappointed, but anyway, I entered the ship and headed to the island.
Soon Emma called me and said she had fallen asleep, but she was coming with another boat for half an hour.
She came. When I saw her, she laughed cheerfully and her view was enough to go to the adventure.

Before that, we met in Sibenik, the city where we spent the summer vacation on the Adriatic Sea.
When I asked her if she wanted to photograph, to make a series of Fine Art photography with her on the island, spontaneous, something like a game, she agreed without hesitation.
It was a very nice experience, with a wonderful Dalmatian ambience, beautiful nature, the smell of the true Mediterranean